The Snow and I

March 28th 2014 was a day of particular importance, not just because it was the anniversary of my birth, but because acclaimed journalist and news broadcaster Jon Snow took part in his second selfie (after the Danish prime minister) and that selfie  happened to be with me!

The selfie craze has taken over the nation, ever since that infamous snap shot of Ellen DeGeneres’s all star selfie at the 2014 Oscars. However, Jon Snow and I were not at the Oscars and our selfie certainly did not make headline news.



The journalist charity lunch is a annual event which is hosted to help provide financial assistance to journalists and dependents who have fallen upon hard times. The event this week celebrated its 150 year anniversary at Aston Villa Football Club, where industry professionals within the Midlands were invited to attend.

Each year the event is hosted by a high profile speaker, with previous years seeing the likes of Trevor MacDonald and Richard Branson, whilst this time round it was Jon Snow. Flying in from his most recent work in Alaska, Jon Snow took to the stage to talk about his career as an accomplished journalist.

Alaska? it seems as if this man never stops, constantly delivering breaking news and informing society on some of the most important parliamentary decisions and global issues to date. He has become some what of a familiar face within society, the David Attenborough of the news world, a man we respect and admire. Such familiarity makes me feel like I already know him, although the thought of calling him simply “Jon” leaves me feeling uneasy, its like missing out the “Lord” when addressing our beloved on-screen Entrepreneur.

Throughout his speech I start to see a more humorous side to the man who rarely smiles. He spoke about his so called “sex pest”,  behaviour and his unusual attire, with particular emphasis on his eccentric sock choice, whilst his comical yet respectful impressions of Margret Thatcher had even the most disgruntled old journalist smirking. Jon Snow had clearly won over the crowd, although through the humour lied a serious undertone which showed a man with deep rooted passion for his job. He described how being a broadcast  journalist is more than just about reporting on stories, he acknowledges the impact of these stories as journalists “crash into peoples lives.”

Asking if the audience had any questions, I rose at the chance to ask one of Britain’s most successful broadcast journalists a question pivotal  to my career, “what advice would you give to an aspiring broadcast journalist?”….his reply? ” If you have the capability to express, you have gotta give it”. A simple response but one which resonates truth, showcasing work, gaining work experience, keeping contacts, using contacts, writing…..this all plays a significant part is showcasing your potential and talent.

With those words I left the lunch feeling both full and more motivated than ever to demonstrate my capability to creatively contribute to  industry.



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