Programme pitch: The Gorgeous Guide

I worked on a T.V project which looked to propose and present a new idea for a t.v show to be commissioned by E4. This was carried out in a team of five where we had to not only come up a new and interesting programe that producers at E4 would want to commission but also also take into consideration many other aspects which would be expected to be undertaken at an industry level.

georgous guide

This project enabled me to not only produce an idea and pilot for a programme but also demonstrated my capability to present a pitch to industry professionals and carry out research which would be undertaken by a professional T.V researcher. The final copy of our brief can be seen here. Brochure final

We also took part in producing a trailer for our programme which was used in the pitch presentation.

Critical evaluation of programme pitch

I became the creative director behind the fashion section of the show in which I produced the fashion brief for the booklet and presentation. My role within the creative process of our programme pitch was based around researching and coming up with new original concepts which would fit into our programme’s brief. I started researching the different types of features previous fashion programmes had incorporated, particularly shows produced for E4 such as “Gok’s fashion fix” and “Budget fashion.” This research allowed me to explore previously broadcasted fashion based programmes to understand the market we are producing for whilst enabling me to generate original concepts and ideas for the fashion segment of the programme. It was this research which allowed me to identify gaps within the market, as I discovered the need for fashion programmes to inform girls on what to wear for certain occasions which inspired the “How to get that look?” feature within our programme.

I understood the importance of gossip and fashion magazines to our audience and researched the fashion content pages in popular magazines such as More, Cosmopolitan and Look, who attract the same target audience as our programme. This inspired me in the production process as I was identifying with editorial fashion features which were already popular with our audience whilst generating new ways to incorporate these ideas within the broadcast media. Although research and creativity where the main roles behind my creative contribution towards the pitch presentation, I also had to research a suitable presenter for the fashion segment of the show. This entailed finding someone who would fit the needs of the show and who our target audience could identify with. I feel my choice in Henry Holland as a presenter could have been improved by choosing an individual with an ethnic background. This would have strengthened the programme as it would have meant that we were taking into consideration the ethnic diversity of our audience. In hindsight this would be something I would in future incorporate into the show by having representations of different age, gender, race and sex, in order not to alienate any viewers.I was also heavily involved in the other decision making areas of the programme as I came up with potential ideas and concepts for the cosmetics section of the programme and introduced the idea of incorporating Instagram and Twitter to interact with our modern day audience. My awareness of the importance of social media was also included in the fashion segment of the show where I looked at how Skype could be used as a means of interacting with our audience in ways not previously done before.

2013-03-01 09.48.08I feel our preparation and rehearsal of the pitch enabled us to present our ideas fluently as we were familiar with what was being said, whilst cue cards were used for any member of the group who had difficulty in remembering their lines. This preparation enabled us to make sure that if mistakes were to occur we had plans in place to deal with them effectively in order for our pitch to be a success.

The pitch presentation I feel was well rehearsed however; the lack of rehearsal within the presentation room affected the beginning of our presentation as the volume levels for our background music had previously not been tested. This meant that the music became foreground music resulting in a difficulty in hearing what was being said. However, although this was soon resolved I feel that in future, rehearsing within the room of the presentation will help to reduce errors like this and will therefore increase the professionalism of the pitch presentation.

In order to maintain a high standard of professionalism in the pitch, we took into consideration the importance of presentation in order to capture the commissioner’s attention and make our pitch engaging. The use of T-shirts with an imprinted logo helped make our programme more realistic and brought the concept to life. Mood boards, props and models also helped to set the scene and added visual stimulation to our presentation whilst demonstrating that we had thought in depth about the programmes aesthetics.

Keeping our audience engaged is important and I feel that we could have improved audience engagement by restructuring our programme. Due to the volume of ideas and features within the programme some features were shortened due to time constraints and this often detracted the quality of the feature. With three main topics to be covered in cosmetics and fashion and with only 18 minutes for each I felt that the quality of our programme could have been improved by having less features within one show and expanding them across episodes. By re-arranging and scattering the ordering process of the programme this would have allowed the programme to be produced in a way which would also have keep our audience engaged and interested throughout.

In the development process of our programme we took into consideration many aspects which would affect our programmes output with in depth research into our audience and E4. It was this research into E4 which enabled us to come up with a programme which fitted the needs and brief of the E4 commissioners as we understood the target market of E4 and previous broadcasted programmes. However, the development process could have been improved as we failed to acknowledge the commercial remit of E4 and how our programme would fit into this. Taking into consideration the remit of the company would have strengthened our pitch as it would have demonstrated our awareness of the company and funding.Product placement could have been incorporated in the programme, especially in the cosmetics section, where branded cosmetic companies could have been endorsed. Product placement could also have been used for drinks on the show as although we decided against having alcohol beverages we could have used branded fruit juices. Acknowledging sponsorship deals would have improved our pitch presentation, something which we failed to include in the production process. Make-up or clothing companies could have sponsored our programme which would have given credit to the brand whilst also helping to fund the programme. This is something I could have expanded within the fashion section of the programme, looking at well- known fashion labels such as ASOS. ASOS would have been an appropriate sponsor as they include a fashion blogger of the week section on their website, which would have related to aspects of our programme. ASOS is also a very current and stylish fashion website among our audience.

Advertising was also an aspect which was given little consideration too as we failed to acknowledge where our advertisements would come within the programme. Having advertisements throughout the programme and before each section would have broken up the programme whilst adhering to the commercial remit of channel 4.

In conclusion, the preparation and thought put into the pitch presentation enabled us to successfully market and sell our programme to the E4 commissioners as we gave consideration to our audience and company. However, in hindsight there were aspects of the programmes production in which more consideration was needed to improve our pitch. An awareness of the remit of the company the programme is being produced for and awareness of not alienating audiences through the representations used in the programme and the way it is ordered which help in future to become more successful.


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