Fourseventy Media testimonial

After interning for Fourseventy Media,  for a year this is the feedback I received from Steve Thornton on my performance within the organisation.

“Enya has always demonstrated a very high and competent level of communication and understanding media working practices throughout her experience at The Hidden City project.

Her attention to detail and organisation skills led Enya to become the ‘project co-ordinator’ which she has excelled on throughout the project and her experiences.Her time management and communication has helped Enya complete studying whilst also working to deadlines.

Enya has always given 100% on working projects and has successfully developed new skills in audio editing and slideshow creation. Her willingness to learn has seen her complete two slideshows personally whilst also now co-working on a third project, demonstrating a solid work ethic.

Her previous journalistic experience strengthened Enya’s ability to communicate on public projects and interviewing and teh work completed for teh projects, gained some  fantastic feedback from Paul Newman of the BBC for her content inclusion.

Enya is a very strong and determined media professional whose leadership and commitment to projects gained her a highly thought and trustworthy individual from a management level. 

We were very impressed and have been delighted with Enya’s performances and attitude whilst being apart of the project and would be more than happy to continue our working relationship with Enya should she require anymore experience outside her course.”


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