BSkyB placement testimonial

After completing a two week work placement at British Sky Broadcasting, Dave Rooke, head of content services reviewed my progress at the company stating;

“you showed amazing qualities and conducted yourself in an exemplary manner and the highest accolade  all I can pay you is that I would be proud to welcome you as one of my team.”

Jason Davenport, a media supervisor at BSkyB content services was my supervisor during my time in Sky news ingest and reviewed my time and performance in the department he said,

“Enya was enthusiastic and showed potential. She was liked by all of the team and we enjoyed showing her what we do here at Sky. I was most impressed by the questions she was asking and the fact that she made notes on all areas she was shadowing -this is something that always shows us a good professional attitude and a keen approach to the shadowing offered.In general we were all very happy with Enya and wish her all the success in the future.”

I was very flattered by these comments and look forward to working with BSkyB in the near future.


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