Critical reflection

Critically reflecting on my own professional development I feel is important in order to understand where my strengths and weaknesses lie and how I can improve my professional performance.

Throughout various work placements, modules at university and outer curricular activities I have developed skills, identifying my strengths whilst also recognising my weaknesses. These work placements and internships have given me a valuable insight into what makes an individual a successful media worker. I feel that I have successfully utilised the guidance I have received and have acted upon any advice given during my placements.                   

What I was taught How I developed
BskyB: Stay in contact
  • Created a LinkedIn account and added contacts I made during the placement, sending them monthly emails.
  • Re-visiting BskyB in June.
BskyB: Gain more broadcast experience
  • Applied for Network T.V festival
  • Became part of the broadcast team in the accident simulation day.
BskyB: Develop your knowledge on sports and political matters Morning and night I watched an half and hour of both news and sports news.
BskyB: I needed to develop my skills working under pressure. I became chief editor within my online journalism module.
Scratch radio: How to operate the equipment . I would go into the studio out of hours and practice this
Scratch radio: The need to be organised and prepare for shows. I would listen to other student radio shows and get tips from them. I would look out for topical news stories of discussion on the radio and I would prepare a script with my co-host.
Scratch radio: Be calm in live situations. When things went wrong on the show I understood the need to act naturally and calmly in order to resolve the situation successfully.
470 media: Learned the importance of doing outer curricular work to enhance my CV.
  • I did some freelance journalist work for various student publications
  • I created my blog to demonstrate my skills to potential employers.
470 media: Taught me the importance of making contacts. I made sure I got the emails of industry professionals when meeting at networking events.
BBC Radio Leicester: Understood important considerations when recording and doing Vox Pops. Learning never to edit too sharply and always recording air time before recording an individual. I utilised this knowledge throughout my 470 media placement where audio was key. I also practiced this during my radio studies module at university.
The Leicester Wave: Learned how to structure a news story and feature article. I used this skill in my news and feature writing course at university when writing articles.
The Leicester Wave:  Understood the importance of finding original news stories and articles. Learning how to become a journalist. I would look at the communities around me, looking at what they were doing, the concerns they had and finding out about things worth writing about.
Panji Pani Radio: Learned how to present a radio show and what considerations have to be taken  in producing a show. I would learn how to write for radio and script shows beforehand so it gave the show some structure.

However, I also feel that I do maintain weaknesses and areas I feel I need to develop further.


(Traits I wish to improve on)

  • Public speaking: I often will shy aware from any public speaking roles and this is something I feel needs to be developed by taking on more positions which involve public speaking.
  • Confidence: Improving my confidence in the tasks I am carrying out and the confidence to believe and put forward my ideas.


(Traits I have developed through my professional development)

  • Time management– Having organisation skills in order to succeed to set deadlines.
  • Flexibility– The ability to undertake different roles.
  • Willingness to learn– Being thrown into unfamiliar situations.
  • Team work ability– Being able to share ideas and work within a team.
  • Outgoing personality– The ability to work well with different people.

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