The Wave

In 2010 I was a freelance journalist for The Wave, a monthly insert newspaper which formed part of the Leicester Mercury and attracted a predominantly student audience. As a freelance journalist it was my job to write about things that mattered to our student audience, finding relevant issues of discussion within the city and writing about them. The content I produced ranged from opinion pieces to music reviews, demonstrating my ability to be a versatile journalist.

the wave

Music reviews: I  reviewed and interviewed a local band at their gig at Leicester’s Soundhouse, offering my perspective on their musical ability.

Opinion columns: I wrote opinion pieces for the paper, expressing my own views on political matters and issues within society which I had an opinion upon. During 2010 there were issues surrounding disabled parking and the use of the disabled blue badge been used illegally by abled bodied persons. This was an issue which I felt very strongly upon and it was therefore something I wrote about in an article called, “Too Many cheat parking system”.

Events: I often reviewed events in and around Leicester these ranged from tattoo convention to local festivals such as the Green Light festival. 


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