Fourseventy Media work placement report

470 media pic

In November 2011 I started an internship with Sony award winning, audio production company, Fourseventy Media.  I became project co-ordinator for the Hidden City project, now known as the Birmingham’s Untold.

The internship enabled me to become familiar with software I previously had very limited experience. I have since become a confident user of editing software such as; adobe audition and I-movie, commonly used to professionally create audio slideshows.

As project co-ordinator it was my responsibility to oversee the running of current projects within the team. This involved leading weekly meetings with other interns, looking at ways to improve, enhance, create and find new and original ideas and stories for the project. This responsibility developed my organisational skills and ability to successfully manage and lead a team whilst working within one.

Working for a professional media company has shown me the importance of time management, as working to set deadlines proved vital within this project due to scheduled story releases. Working for Fourseventy Media also presented me with the opportunity to network with media professionals through the promotion for the project. I attended one of Birmingham’s monthly social media cafe’s, where industry professionals from around Birmingham gather to share contacts and plans for future projects. This enabled me to understand the importance of networking within the industry, developing my social skills and professional outlook.

Untold Birmingham is a web based project where the interactive homepage allows the public to listen to Birmingham’s untold or forgotten stories. As project co-ordinator it was also my job to produce content for the website. I developed my journalistic abilities to identify original and captivating stories within the Birmingham community whilst transforming them into unique audio slideshows.

The process of creating a story involved interacting with local communities and keeping your ear to the ground on a local level to uncover stories worth telling. I would then conduct an interview with the chosen subject, giving them a chance to explain their story. Working closely with the photographer, I would then structure how visual elements would be incorporated to enhance the story, making it aesthetically pleasing to view and listen to for the audience. The editing process enabled me to use adobe audition to produce high quality audio, as I received guidance from the company directors on how to edit to a professional standard. Constructing the slideshow consisted of using visual design software such as I-movie as I leaned how to develop captivating slideshows which enhanced the story being told.


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