Future Outlook

Short term appraisal
What I expect to achieve in six months:

  • I intend to gain more experience at BSkyB during my second placement visit in June 2013 whilst performing work to a high standard.
  • I will also know if I have been a successful applicant in the NETWORK application process where I hope to have secured a place for this T.V festival. If I am successful, I intend for the experience to give me a further understanding into the broadcast industry whilst meeting industry professionals I intend to gain contacts which could produce subsequent placement opportunities within broadcast media.
  • During the Summer months off university I intend to enhance my media portfolio and start to become a regular blogger, writing about issues and matters which I find interesting and topical. This will therefore enhance my writing skills and improve my portfolio.

Personal Objectives:

  • I will also set myself personal objectives and one of these is to become a registered first aider as I feel this is an important life skill and it would make me more employable to potential employers.
  • Giving blood has always been something that I have wanted to do but never got round to doing it so within the next six months I am going to give blood as this is something I feel everyone who can do should do as it saves the lives of many.

Long term appraisal:
What I expect to achieve in three years time:

  • I expect to achieve a 1st class undergraduate degree at Birmingham City University in Media and Communications. I will also expect to have decided on whether I will continue into higher education at MA level in Broadcast Journalism or enter employment.
  • I expect to have built up an impressive curriculum vitae which will demonstrate my enthusiasm to work in the media industry through impressive work placements and references.

Personal objectives:

  • I also want to see the rest of the world and to explore different cultures acknowledging and visiting well known landmarks across Europe as I feel this will expand my knowledge on the world. South East Asia would be an area of particular interest. However, although this is an aspiration whether I will take a year out from education or employment to travel is something I am yet to decide upon. However, in three I expect to have made this decision or at least visited to places of interest.

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