‘The Bedroom Tax’ investigated

Working on behalf of ‘Help me to investigate‘ I was editor of an investigation which looked into the affect of the upcoming Bedroom Tax policy, also known as the under occupancy sanction.

This investigation took place over a two month period between January 2013 and March 2013 where I worked alongside four other aspiring journalists to uncover the ways the policy would affect social housing tenants within Birmingham.

Within the investigation team there were specific roles, these included: Editor, Deputy Editor, Network Journalist, Community Manager, Data Journalist and Multimedia Journalist.

As editor I was required to oversee the investigation, making sure that members of the team were for-filling their required roles, leading production meetings and finding potential angles for our final investigation report. During the investigation I also filled in any gaps and issues which I felt needed to have been taken into consideration, this saw me produce weekly blog posts based upon my findings within the investigation. Within this I conducted an interview with Councillor John Cotton, on his thoughts on the policy. The interview uncovered some interesting points and perspectives from Councillor Cotton, which I wrote an article on and proposed it to the editor of the Birmingham Mail  who are currently looking into publishing it. As editor it was also my responsibility to write up the final investigation report where I had to gather the investigation findings and select the most newsworthy and interesting angle to produce. This developed my news selecting ability enabling me to identify the newsworthy angles which is important to understand to work within any media related industry.

My role as editor within the investigation saw me win the title of ‘best editor’, a title which I won against other editors from differing investigations which were also being undertaken as part of ‘Help me to investigate.’

20130312_113722 (1)The success of our investigative journalism has led us to receiving an award for best investigation within our online journalism module at Birmingham City University. The final report that I produced has also been published on the ‘Help me to investigate welfare’  and on the Birmingham Mail’s data blog. The Huffington Post have also shown an interest  in the report and are looking into publishing it awarding me as an official Huffintgon Post blogger.

The investigation and final report was documented through our online blog.


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