Media Curriculum Vitae

Enya Quin-Jarvis
6 Pendragon Road
Perry Barr
West Midlands
B42 1RN
M: 07890696464

A highly self-motivated, reliable, 2nd year Journalism specialist studying Media and Communications, with a strong sense of determination and enthusiasm to succeed in the competitive media industry.

It is my passion for T.V, Radio and Print which has led me to relentlessly pursue various work placements, gaining a variety of skills that are adaptable for most jobs within the media. I successfully combined my A level studies with other outer curricular activities that helped to develop my organisational and time management skills, which make working to deadlines achievable. In short, I am a driven hardworking individual who pushes myself in order to reach my potential and be the best.

Relevant work experience:
Finalist in the Undergraduate of the year award 2013.

BskyB: September 3rd-14th 2012
Position held: A two week placement as part of the Sky scholarship scheme which enabled me to work across 10 different departments within Sky, gaining an understanding and knowledge of how a successful broadcast company operate.

Scratch Radio: October 24th 2011-Present
Position held: Weekly Co-Presenter and Co- producer on Birmingham City University’s student radio station.
Main responsibilities and required skills:
•Organise the show’s music listings.
•Organise the show’s content and timings.
•Basic technical skills: Technical operator of the sound volume, levels, recording software and managing the switchboard

Fourseventy Media:
November 10th 2011-Present Fourseventy Media are a local Sony award winning audio production company.
Position held: Project Co-Ordinator.
Main responsibilities and required skills:
•Overseeing current projects.
•Time management: Making sure deadlines are reached.
•Working within a team: Being able to support and help the team.
•Researching potential stories.
•Interviewing the public
•Audio editing skills.
Using I movie to create audio slideshows.

BBC Radio Leicester: November 8th-19th 2011
Position held: Broadcast Assistant.
Main responsibilities and required skills:
•Organisation: Organising the BBC Children in need event.
-Ringing local companies.
-Making decisions on potential fund raising activities.
•Confidence and creativity: Putting forward ideas in daily meetings for morning radio features.
•Attending sport press conferences.
•Interviewing members of the public for Voxpox.
•Editing audio for audio packages to be used in shows.

Journalism Training course at the BBC: January 8th -11th 2011
A voluntary course taught by leading professionals to give students an insight into journalism. This allowed me to learn the importance of online media. I was also able to produce blogs

The Leicester Wave: January 26th–June 15th 2011
It is a monthly student paper found inside the Leicester Mercury.
Position held: Voluntary journalist.
Main responsibilities and required skills:
•Researching relevant stories for the paper.
•Creativity: Thinking of stories to report on and making them attention grabbing to the audience.
•Interviewing skills: Interviewing members of the public.
•Attending and reporting on events around Leicester.
•Having an understanding of current media debates and reporting on them.
•Having a political interest on media issues.
•Time management: Working towards deadlines.
•Team work ability: Working within a team to produce strong monthly paper.

Panjipani Radio: January 17th-7th 2011 February
Position held: Co-Presenter and producer for a once a week online radio station.
Main responsibilities and required skills:
•Organisation skills: organise the show’s music listing schedule
and arranging guest speakers.
•Setting up live phone interviews and making sure they run smoothly.
•Researching relevant discussion topics for the show.
•Remaining calm when dealing with technical issues if they arose.
•Making sure the show was consistent.

The Leicester Mercury: November 2009
Position held: Shadowing Journalists
Main responsibilities and required skills:
•Multitasking ability: Interviewing the public, taking notes and asking relevant questions.
•Note taking at a court case for a front page feature.
•Writing up press releases into an article.

Key skills and qualities:
•Motivation to succeed in the media industry.
•Time management- Having organisation skills in order to succeed to set deadlines.
•Flexibility- The ability to undertake different roles.
•Willingness to learn- Being thrown into unfamiliar situations.
•Team work ability- Being able to share ideas and work within a team.
•Excellent social skills- Willingness to socialize with potential clients.
•Outgoing personality- The ability to work well with different people.

Academic qualifications:
Birmingham City University: 2011-2014
BA Honours: Media and Communications (Journalism): Hoping to achieve a 1st degree.

Rutland College: 2008-2010
A levels: English Literature (A) Media Studies (B) History (B)

Uppingham Community College: 2003-2008
9 GCSEs at (C) or above: Including: Maths, English and Science

Fourseventy Media:

BBC Radio Leicester
9 St Nicholas Place

British Sky Broadcasting Ltd
Grant Way
Tel: 0333 100 0333
Fax: 0333 100 0444


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